Jerry Weimer Consulting was created in 2016 to provide Wastewater Collection System and Stormwater Consulting and Training

. We provide training on Collection System Inspection (PACP/LACP/MACP Training) and Cleaning. We also Consult on Sanitary and Storm Collection System Inspection and Cleaning, as well as Cross Bore Prevention and Detection. We can evaluate your Collection System to determine access and equipment needs to clean and inspect your sewers

Jerry Weimer

I worked for the City of Cincinnati, Metropolitan Sewer District for 30 years, managing Wastewater Collection System Inspection and Cleaning. I have been training PACP/LACP/MACP since 2005. I have been training Pipe Cleaning since 2015 I have consulted on Wastewater Collection System Cleaning and Inspection since 2016. I helped create the Cross Bore Prevention Program for the City of Cincinnati and present on the best way to implement Cross Bore Prevention Programs.

I am  a NASSCO Technical Advisor and PACP Master Trainer